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January 2007

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Thursday, January 18th

MLK Weekend

Martin Luther King Jr weekend is a three day weekend for those of us that work for the school. The weather not only cooperated but was spectacular for mid January. Highs were in the low to mid 70ís, T-shirt weather.

Saturday was another trip to Aurora NC to visit the fossil museum. The main attraction at the museum is the dirt piles that you can dig through looking for fossilized shark teeth. Not only did we find quiet a few various sized teeth but we also brought home several buckets of dirt for others to go through. The plan is to find an inexpensive way to ship some dirt off to the relatives.

Sunday I managed to get started on our anchor windlass replacement. Unfortunately, Pearson did not design the 424 with the addition of a windlass in mind. The one we had was a workable solution but it died last spring and I have found that parts are not available. Since then I have been looking for a solution, comparing what other 424 owners have done and what is available on the market. So far I have made a tentative decision on what windlass to install and am working on making sure it will be a workable solution. In order to take the measurement that I need I had to remove the present windlass. I have made several cardboard templates of the area and various cutouts to make sure everything will fit. As usual I have been taking pictures of the process and will be adding them to the website.

Monday was a work day for Cori so I had the day to myself with just taking it easy. I did make a run into Morehead City for a couple of errands but otherwise it was just an ideal day off. Unfortunately on Tuesday it was life back to normal.

Dale on 01.18.07 @ 07:08 PM EDT [link]

Sunday, January 7th

A Minnesota Christmas

We were able to spend Christmas with family in Minnesota this year. Last year we spent Christmas on the boat and the year before that we were in Charleston SC bringing Hi Flite up to North Carolina. As much as I complain about the weather, it was good to be back. Other then rain and snow when we got into Minneapolis we drove out of it and had some good Ė for Minnesota in December Ė weather for our trip. This was Coriís first trip back to northern Minnesota since before we moved. We were also able to stop off and visit some old friends that we havenít seen for quiet some time. All in all, it was a very nice trip.

We were back to NC in time for the New Years weekend and this year we were able to stay up and see in the New Year.

Tuesday it was back to work as usual, now I just need to remember to use the right year when writing checks.

Dale on 01.07.07 @ 06:18 PM EDT [link]