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January 2009

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Tuesday, January 20th

It Snowed Today

It snowed today. They have been warning about this storm for a good 24 hours before it arrived so no one was caught by surprise. We got less then 2 inches and areas to the west got up to 6 inches. There is a lot of excitement about snow since it has been at least four years since the last bout of measurable snow. Almost everything was shut down due to the storm. Tomorrow will be sunny but cold. It will take most of the day to melt off the ice so there are some cancellations already announced. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the school district has declared another cancellation. This is unfortunate since there are no extra days built into the schedule so these two day will have to be made up before school is out in the spring. The question in my mind is whether or not I moved far enough south. Too late now but I certainly envy those that have already headed to the islands.

Dale on 01.20.09 @ 09:40 PM EDT [link]

No News Is Good News, Maybe.

Here it is, more then half way through January and nothing new in the blog entries. This is because nothing has been happening. We have had a real roller coaster temperature swings, days in the 60ís and a couple in the 70ís to lows in the 20ís and the teens. I am making this entry today because there is a front coming through and work was cancelled due to the expected snow. It is snowing in New Bern, 30 miles away but we are still getting rain here at the marina. We havenít left the dock in several months so there is no news about sailing. Projects are on hold, we are looking at a number of things we would like to do but everything is on hold for a couple of months. Cori has been busy since this is their show season and she has been traveling to the different dealer shows.
Dale on 01.20.09 @ 11:35 AM EDT [link]