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March 2006

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Sunday, March 26th

Guestbook up again

I have the guestbook working again. It took a while but it is up and running again, until our next spam attack. I am looking for a solution for that. We have been busy so I have not had a chance to add new photos and entries. I will be getting caught up again soon. I was working nights for about a month and didnít have the time or energy to keep things updated. That may also have been the cause of the guestbook going down. I made the mistake of editing the page on the server instead of on my PC and uploading the new file. I know better then to do this but I continue to do it for quick changes. Eventually I will learn my lesson. More about my trip to Minot ND later.

Dale on 03.26.06 @ 07:23 PM EDT [link]

Friday, March 17th

Problems with the guestbook, again

Well, it happened again. The guestbook was spammed. I did some deleting and tried to make a couple of changes to the guestbook page. At this point I did something to the page so that the guestbook does not come up. Sorry, I will be trying this weekend to find the problem. Thatís it for now. Come back soon to hear about my trip to Minot ND and an update on my job.

Dale on 03.17.06 @ 05:26 PM EDT [link]