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May 2009

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Wednesday, May 27th

Memorial Weekend - 2009

Last weekend was the Memorial Day weekend. Supposedly the beginning of summer. Unfortunately the powers-that-be decided that the school year ends June 10, so I still have a couple of weeks of work yet. Cori, of course does not get the summer off.

After a week of rain we finally had a great forecast ahead of us. There was the standard 20-30 percent chance of rain forecasted each day but that is standard here. Friday we stayed in town after work to get the laundry done so it wouldn’t interfere with the weekend. Saturday morning we had to, again de-house the boat, and before noon we were out of the marina. The winds were light but favorable for a ride downriver to South River, our destination for the weekend. After setting the anchor, we launched the dinghy and went for a ride. Several of the creeks feeding the river are deep enough and wide enough to motor back into, so we checked them out. After cocktails with the Newton’s, who were also anchored there, we headed home for a dinner and a quiet night at anchor.

Saturday was partly cloudy with a few showers moving through. We headed up river to one of the larger creeks to go exploring. We worked our way back as far as we could go, got turned around and headed back. On the way back we met up with a pod of dolphins working their way into the creek feeding. We stopped to watch them then moved back up the creek with them until they turned around and we followed them back out. Pretty cool! Back at the boat we took it easy, did some reading, straightening and wiled away the day. We had dinner and a movie at the Newton’s and headed back to the boat around 11:00. We got lucky and the little critters that cause phosphorescence were glowing where we disturbed the water. Again, pretty cool!

Another quiet night and in the morning we pulled anchor and started home. We got lucky one more time and made it all of the way back to the mouth of our creek with only one tack. Not a fast ride but it was better then beating up river or having to motor all the way. Back at the marina it was clean the salt off the boat, dig out the stuff we stashed and settled in for the week ahead. Fortunately, it will be a short week.

Dale on 05.27.09 @ 08:33 PM EDT [link]