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November 2008

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Tuesday, November 18th

Starting Another Year

Itís been four years since we bought Hi Flite. Over that time we have done a lot of work on projects, spent a bit of money for repairs and updates and spent some quality time sailing and motoring. This being November it also just over three years that we have been living aboard. Usually when people learn that we live on a boat their response is that they just couldnít do that. Sometimes it is a real challenge. We have limited space for possessions, often joking that everything must have two uses or it canít come aboard. There is the advantage that when we go somewhere we donít have to plan what to take. We just take everything, including the kitchen sink, with us.

Would we do it again? You bet. This is a very well designed and built boat that should take us wherever we want to go. Living aboard saves us a lot of money we would otherwise be spending on rent or a mortgage and of course on all the things we would need to fill that space.

So, here we go, starting another year.

Dale on 11.18.08 @ 11:26 PM EDT [link]

Monday, November 17th

It's getting colder

Well the rain seems to want to let up. It seems like it has been raining for weeks. Unfortunately a cold front moved in and the temperatures are dropping. For some of you it may not sound too bad but we are looking at lows in the 30ís and one night is forecast to drop into the 20ís. Remember, we moved here to get away from the cold. This is more like what we expect to get in January.

The last of our ďsnowbirdsĒ left this morning. We have four boats from our marina that have headed south for the winter. It is hard to call them snowbirds since we donít normally get snow here. Dan left this morning on Marian Claire. Because of the weather we have had, south winds, the water is a little low in the creek and it took a bit for him to get started. He was aground as soon as he backed out of his slip. After a bit of maneuvering he was on his way, working down the ICW to Florida. Our turn will come.

Dale on 11.17.08 @ 01:27 AM EDT [link]