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December 2007

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Tuesday, December 18th

Another very late posting

Once again I have been slack in keeping up my postings. Here it is, a week before Christmas and I havenít posted anything from November yet.

Well, here goes. November started out with a trip to the mountains. Chris and Tony, sailing friends from Lake Superior, were in Hendersonville NC before flying back to their boat in St Lucia. Their plan is to make the return trip back to the States and settle down in Hendersonville to start the next phase of their lives. This was our last chance to see them until next spring. We had a good time together even though they made me go hiking. The hiking wasnít as bad as I made out it was, we got to see a couple of nice waterfalls and scenic overlooks. The beer always tastes good after some kind of activity also. It was good to talk to them since they are doing what we want to do in a couple of years and this helps to keep the dream alive until we will be able to slip the dock lines and go cruising.

We managed to get another weekend out at anchor in November. We sailed down to South River and spent the night at anchor. This was the first chance we had since we got back from our trip to the Chesapeake.

At Thanksgiving we broke from tradition and went out to eat. The last couple of years we joined the other live-aboards here at the marina for a group dinner. Vic has retired and was on his way to Florida and eventually the Islands so he was not with us this year. Chuck and Barbara have moved back to the marina and are waiting for their boat to be ready to move aboard once again. Ralph and Al were going to spend the Holiday with family. With only the four of us we decided that it would be easiest if we just went out for a nice dinner and avoided all of the work. By Thanksgiving Day the group was up to eight and we had a very good time and some excellent food. We got out for a sail in the afternoon on John and Cathieís newly purchased boat.

Other then a day spent running up to Elizabeth City to see a photo exhibit, we spent most of the rest of the last month and a half hanging out with friends here at the marina.

Thatís it. Not a lot of excitement so it gets too easy to not get around to posting. Thatís my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Dale on 12.18.07 @ 08:00 PM EDT [link]