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May 2006

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05/04/2006: "An accident onboard"

We had a bit of an accident this last weekend. Saturday’s project was to change the oil. Cori wanted to learn how to change it. While showing her the process I found that our only filter was the wrong size. It took most of the afternoon to track down the right filter and restock them. By this time there were other things that needed attention, and soon it was dinnertime. We had dinner at the clubhouse with some of the others. After dinner and socializing Cori said she was going back to the boat to finish putting things back together. When we stopped for the evening we had left the stairs out and the engine cover pulled back with plans to put it back together later. With the ladder out we were using the front companionway all afternoon. When Cori got back to the boat she was distracted and forgot the ladder was not in place. With no lights on she stepped into the cabin as usual but there was no ladder. She hit the engine as she fell and landed on her back between the engine and the cover. After she got herself straightened out and a light on she came back to the clubhouse very shaken up. Fortunately she was not seriously hurt. She has a variety of bruises with the worst on her arm where she hit it on the cover, click here to see a picture. She is still sore but the bruises have started to fade a little. All in all she was very lucky to come out of it with bruises instead of breaking something.