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September 2006

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09/27/2006: "Several weekend update"

Not much has been happening here, but we have made it out sailing the last two weekends.

Two weeks ago we managed to make it out of the marina on Friday right after work and motored over to South River to stay the night at anchor. We motored over because we wanted to get there before dark but still ended up anchoring in the dark. In the morning we sailed out and headed further down river and then headed back to Broad Creek for the night. We went a little further up the creek then we have before. This area is more developed and we were more or less in someone’s backyard. In the morning we headed out and after clearing Gum Thicket Shoals we turned up river for home. The best part was that we settled on a broad reach, set the autopilot, and held it for 12 miles until we turned into our home creek.

Last weekend the weatherman was calling for 10-15 knots out of the southwest on Saturday and Sunday. As usual, they were wrong. We had 15-20+ knots both days out of the southwest. This gave us close to a downwind run with all sails up going to South River on Saturday. That evening we rafted up with five other boats for a “progressive” party. Each boat served one of the courses of the meal (cocktails, appetizers, salad, entree, and desert) with the eaters moving from boat to boat for each course. After dinner and prior to getting dark we split off and set our anchors. In the morning we were surprised to have crickets on board. They must have been blown aboard during the night since we were a good 100 yards away from shore. In the morning the wind picked up to 15-20 knots from the southwest again. We hoisted the mizzen and put out a reefed genoa and spent an hour or so beating up river until we gave up and motored home.

Several weeks ago I replaced the mainsheet winch with a new “used” Lewmar self tailing winch I picked up on eBay. What a difference a self tailing winch makes for sail adjustment. It was worth the pric