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November 2006

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11/27/2006: "Thanksgiving"

There were several things to celebrate this last couple of weeks. Of course we had Thanksgiving, and that we have now owned Hi Flite for two years. Maybe it is the other way around, Hi Flite owns us, those of you with boats will understand.

Thanksgiving was spent with our fellow live-aboards here at the marina with a traditional feast. Coriís parents were able to be with us also. We werenít too sure if we were going to have Thanksgiving this year. Monday we had a low pressure cell park itself offshore and blow a northeast wind for several days, with a forecast to last until sometime Thursday. When we get a northeast wind blowing that long, it blows the water out of the northern part of Pamlico Sound and fills the rivers and creeks in the southern part. By Monday afternoon the water was almost a foot above the dock. With boots on we could get to the boat but it would be next to impossible to get on and off. We became residents of Hampton Inn for a couple of days. The front moved out on Wednesday, earlier then forecast, and the water started to drop when the wind shifted from the northwest. By Thursday morning we were able to safely get on board and check things out. We still have a couple of leaks to deal with so we werenít too surprised. At that point the Breidenbach women started cooking and I had the duty of grilling the turkey.