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October 2007

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Home » Archives » October 2007 » Repairs are done and we are back home

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10/23/2007: "Repairs are done and we are back home"

We are back to our home marina. We got back a week ago and started settling in again. We have a lot of our stuff rearranged in order to keep it out of the way of the workers and now we need to put it back. The ride home was quite a bit different then the trip over. First there was almost no vibration. Second I had a working depth sounder. It is amazing how something like vibration will sneak up on you. It starts with just a little vibration, then a little more and a little more until there is a serious problem. It isnít like one day there is none and the next everything is shaking. That you notice. With the changes we made to the drive train there is a very noticeable difference.

Having a depth sounder that works all of the time was nice. The sounder didnít work at all on the way over. Usually it comes and goes in the shallow water. Following the troubleshooting steps we narrowed it down to the transducer but we needed to be out of the water to change it. Several months ago Cori found that she could buy new instruments at a big discount through her work. We ordered the Raytheon ST60 series to replace the ST30ís. When the yard pulled us to replace the packing in the stuffing box I had them replace the transducer. I did a temporary install of the instrument for the trip back and started planning the permanent install. We plan to install them on a pod over the companionway. Until we can put that together I decided to mount them in the place of the old instruments. With a little help from Gaylen, one of our neighbors, we got them installed and working this last weekend.

Anyway, we are back after being gone for almost two months.