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March 2009

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03/09/2009: "Finally Out Sailing Again"

Itís been a long time. I havenít added any updates because there has not been anything worth telling. Itís winter, not winter in Minnesota like I was used to, but still winter. Not much happening: go to work, come home, try to stay warm, repeat the next day and so on.

This weekend it changed. On Monday they were warning of snow, by Friday we were into the 70ís. Saturday it was in the 70ís and we went sailing. Rather then de-house the boat we went out with Jeff on his Morgan Out Island. For those not familiar with the term, de-housing is the process of making a boat you live on ready to go sailing. Winds were variable and light, contrary to the forecasted 10-15 knots. Imagine that. We drifted for a while then caught a light wind that got us moving only to die off again. Again we waited out the calm and got another shot of wind that had us doing some real sailing until it also died. It didnít take too long this time before the breeze started blowing again, this time the forecasters were right, this was a real wind and it held. Our first real good sail of the season.

Sunday was a ďworkĒ day. I had made arrangement to help deliver a Pearson 30 from Washington NC to our marina. By car it is about an hour and a half, by boat about 12 hours. The reason it was work was because I was being paid. We were going to do this the week before but it was raining all weekend and no-one thought it was a good idea to go. We needed an early start but were not able get going until 9:30. Our first problem was low water and not being able to get out of the slip. After several tries forward and back, going back further each time we were finally out of the slip but still dragging bottom leaving the marina. Soon we were out in the river and on our way.

More tomorrow.