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August 2014

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08/30/2014: "A New Head"

A major project was completed this week. We have chosen to replace the toilet and holding tank systems with what is called a composting toilet. There are a number to choose from, each with their advantages and disadvantages. We decided on the AirHead toilet.

The project involved removing the toilet and lowering the platform, all of the plumbing and the holding tank. The holding tank was a 40 gallon rubber bladder under the salon floor. The toilet comes with a vent hose and fan. I chose to extend the vent hose run to the back of the boat and use an existing vent rather then cut a new opening. This meant adding more hose and fabricating another fan and fan housing to accommodate the extra distance.

The new toilet is taller then the old which is why I removed the built-up platform making it the same height. It is also narrower without having the pump mechanism. We gained a lot of storage space in the area under the salon floor and the top of the keel.

Will keep you posted on how it is working out.