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October 2014

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10/27/2014: "Still On the Hard"

We are still on the hard. We brought the boat to Oriental to have her pulled for a variety of projects, most significantly re-doing the non-skid areas. As always with a boat we have added more projects to the list. We are having some fiberglass repaired in a couple spots, repairing the wood core in the cockpit, some damage where the davits attach, some spots where we were run into while at the dock one day. We also chose to remove a lot of the deck hardware for the painting and replaced things like backing plates and the screws and bolts that hold them in place. We are also having a survey done since we are changing insurance coverage and they always require an out of the water survey. Hopefully we will be here only another week and then back home to finish getting ready for our trip South. Yes, this is the year we finally cut the lines and head off to the Bahamas for the winter. More later.