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September 2005

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09/30/2005: "Moving days"

Well, today is the big day. The lease at the RV Resort runs out at midnight. It is time to move. Earlier in the week we bought pizza for the staff at the resort. It is not easy leaving them all behind. Being one of the few that live here year-round they have gotten to be friends. The plan is to get the RV ready for the road and park it for a couple of days at the marina to unload everything we will need on the boat. That will save a lot of trips back and forth. Once we have that accomplished we need to sort trough everything else and try to pare down the extras. What we choose to keep will go into the trailer for storage. The RV is going on the market, but with gas prices the way they are it may be a hard sell. I have made arrangements to store it temporarily at the resort, at least until they start their expansion which will eliminate the storage area. Itís time to get packing. We will update on how the move goes.