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October 2005

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10/08/2005: "Moved aboard"

We are now living aboard Hi Flite. Over the weekend and the first part of the week we hauled load after load from the RV to the boat. It is amazing all of the stuff we moved and yet there is still a lot left on the RV. We are still in the process of deciding where everything will go. Trial and error seem to be the technique. I am not sure how many times the galley has been rearranged.. The next project is to sort through the remaining and decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Once we get to that point it should all fit into the trailer and we can sell the RV.

It took a couple of days to get to the point that I could unpack the computer and see what I was going to have to do to attach this old desktop unit to the wireless network. The marina has wireless available to the boats, at a cost, so that is our new connection. The wireless was easier then I expected with a wireless adapter connected to the USB port. I wasn’t too sure if this would work since it is a USB1.1 port. Amazingly enough I ran the wizard that came with the adapter, attached it and was connected immediately.

More later.