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April 2007

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04/07/2007: "A week of projects and kicking back"

Last weekend we took my sister, Karen, out for a sail. She has been visiting after spending the winter in Texas and they are making their way back to Minnesota, the long way. Having sailed with us on Lake Superior we knew that she does not like the boat to heel over very much so we made an effort to keep it level as we sailed up the river. On the way back we headed into the wind and started to heel over more then she was comfortable with. Unfortunately for her, I enjoyed making her uncomfortable, at least for a little while. Soon we had to drop sails and head back into the marina. The wind was out of the south and if it blows too long the water level drops and makes it hard to get back into the slip.

This week was vacation for me, spring break for the students. I had a list in my head of the projects that needed to be done this week. I got a couple of them done since the weather was cooperative most of the week - 70ís and 80ís. The big one is replacing the windlass. Last summer the shaft on the motor broke and a replacement is not available. I have been planning and researching what to replace it with. I just about had it figured out when I checked eBay one more time. My windlass was listed, or at least a replacement that I could use or strip for parts. I was the top bidder and the windlass showed up a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately it is in better shape then my old one. I have been sanding and refinishing the mount that I will reuse and have been working out the wiring problems. The old one had some sort of problems and the previous owner rewired it bypassing the solenoid and making a homemade hand switch. The chain gipsy was for a different size chain but it was a simple matter to swap them out. Unfortunately the week is almost over and it is still not mounted but I am further along then I was a week ago and it only took one trip to the hardware store.