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April 2007

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04/10/2007: "More info on the weekend"

I forgot to mention that last weekend after going sailing on Saturday we spent part of Sunday afternoon horseback riding. I can probably count on one hand how many times I have been on a horse; Cori on the other hand practically grew up on a horse. We took my sister horseback riding for a special treat. There is a stable out on Cedar Island where you can go riding on the beach. We rode along the beach until we got relatively close to some of the wild ponies that live there and then headed back to the stable. Along the way we came to a river that needed to be crossed. Before the crossing, Cori was warned not to let her horse stop in the river since they were trying to break it of lying down in the water. No advice on how to keep it from stopping, just a warning not to let it stop. Unfortunately, or more likely fortunately, it did not stop and probably saved itself from being sold. I have to admit that it was more fun then it sounds and it made Karenís day. The rest of the week was spent kicking back and working on a few projects as I mentioned before.