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January 2008

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01/05/2008: "A weather report"

Itís been on the cold side this week. Into the 20ís and teens at night and only into the 30ís and low 40ís during the day. Not extreme if I was still in Minnesota but cold for North Carolina. This morning the marina had a skim of ice on the water until mid morning. This happens when the temperature drops and there is no wind or breeze to disturb the water. Today, Saturday, it climbed into the 50ís again and should stay pleasant for the next few days. It has to do with which side of the high pressure system we are on. Last week we were getting the winds from the north and northwest bringing in the cold air. The system has moved along and we are now getting the wind from the south bringing up warmer air. There you have it, the weather according to Dale.