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July 2008

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07/30/2008: "Finally, a new posting"

Once again it was pointed out that I am WAY behind on postings. The last post was Spring Break and here it is the end of July.

A lot has happened since then, here are a few of the highlights:

May – While Dale was out of town delivering a car, Cori took the opportunity to take Hi Flite out by herself. She had a nice sail down to South River, anchored for the night and sailed back on Sunday.

June – School got out in the middle of the month and Dale has the next nine weeks free. The plan was as soon as school got out Dale was driving back to Minnesota to spend time with his relatives and attend his Nephew’s wedding. Everything went well, no breakdowns and only got stopped for speeding once. Luckily the patrolman was nice enough to just give a warning and then he posed for a picture with Ben the Boat Bear. After two weeks it was time to get back to North Carolina.

July – Dale was back for the long Fourth of July weekend and we spent three days out sailing. The weather did/didn’t cooperate. We had a lot of wind, making one of our anchorages rather rocky for the night and we had rain each night accompanied with a lot of lightning. On the other hand we had a lot of wind so we got a lot of sailing time in. All in all it was a good weekend. We have been working on a variety of projects that have been put off for too long. We replaced the headliner in the aft cabin, which completes that project. We moved aboard a friend’s boat and sanded and varnished the aft cabin. The only things left to varnish are the three doors which can be removed to be done, letting us remain onboard. The hatch covers have been shipped off for refurbishing, the glass had lost its seal over the years and all four were leaking whenever it rained and needed to have the glass replaced. The shop is using thicker material then the original and that should help with rigidity and add strength. For now we have custom made plywood covers. The new bimini is just about ready. A bimini is a shade covering for the cockpit usually made from some form of canvas and in this area it is almost a must-have in order to stay out of the sun. Other small projects have also been taken care of.

The month is ending, Dale has three weeks before going back to work and we finally got around to scheduling a trip. We are planning on leaving Friday for an overnight sail to send a week in Southport NC. Southport is just inside the entrance to the Cape Fear River, downstream from Wilmington. We will update you when we get back.