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September 2008

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09/11/2008: "Tropical Storm Hanna"

I was going to leave a posting about the end of summer, but we are still in the middle of hurricane season and we just dodged a bullet. Tropical Storm Hanna set her sights on us and raced up the coast. At one point the proposed track was more in the center of the state but each day the forecast moved it our direction. The final day they moved the proposed track just to the west of us. At 3:20 AM the storm came ashore and passed a few miles to the west of us and by noon it had passed and it was time for cleanup.

The marina we are in has a policy requiring we leave the dock for hurricanes. Hanna was forecast to increase to hurricane force winds so we had to move the boat. We anchored her up the creek as far up the creek we could with two anchors out and hoped for the best. Fortunately the storm did not build and stayed a tropical storm. The winds stayed out of the south and south-west blowing the water out of the creek putting almost everyone on the bottom, a very soft muddy bottom. Sunday was a beautiful day, the water was back and it was time to bring Hi Flite back to the dock and give her a good scrubbing.

As storms go it wasn’t too bad but it is stressful to have to deal with all of the uncertainties.