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September 2008

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09/24/2008: "An Addition and High Water"

Well, I said yesterday that I was probably forgetting something. It turns out that I forgot to mention the hatches were reworked. We sent them in to have the glass replaced and resealed. It is a relief to not worry if or how much they were going to leak when it rained. We kept putting it off until the leaking was unbearable and we sent them out. The more I looked at it the less I wanted to tackle the job. Sometimes you just need to pay the experts to do what they do best.

We are in the middle of a nor’easter. The wind has been blowing 20-40 since yesterday and they forecast it to continue until mid day tomorrow. The wind isn’t the problem, we just need to double up the dock lines and keep adjusting them. The problem is that the water is being blown into the southern half of the sound and flooding into the creeks. At present it is up about four feet. Another foot and it will be over the dock. Makes getting on and off the boat a bit harder.