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December 2008

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12/02/2008: "Thanksgiving"

We made it through Thanksgiving and are back to work. We started out with an early dinner on Saturday with friends here at the marina. Dale had two days of work and then off for five days. Cori, on the other hand only had the regular four day holiday. Wednesday was a relaxing day for Dale just kicking back and reading and relaxing. Thanksgiving dinner was in town with more marina friends at a restaurant serving dinner family style. Lots of really good food, we got to keep the leftovers and there was no clean up. Friday was a perfect fall day but with no wind there was no sense in going out to try and do any sailing. Saturday and Sunday the skies opened up and it rained most of both days. Saturday evening we went as a group to see Australia at the local theatre. It was a little long, a bit slow in the middle and had the required happy ending, but it felt good to get away for an evening after being inside all day.

Monday morning it was back to work.