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December 2008

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12/31/2008: "Last entry for 2008"

While I have been off I have been trying to track down a problem with the batteries and the charging system. The battery isolator/combiner has been working overtime combining and isolating the batteries. A check of fluid level showed they were not low. I ran an equalize cycle on them and that did not make a difference. This never hurts since we are plugged in all the time and they donít get a chance to draw down very often and is something I need to do on a regular basis. Finally I got out the hydrometer and tested each cell. Lo and behold, one of the cells in the starter battery was weak. Hooking up a load tester showed that this battery was weak and could be the cause of the isolator cycling. After taking out this battery I got a better handle on the workings of the 1-2-All switches. The previous owner gave me some instructions on them but I didnít write anything down and just remembered the one under the nav station was supposed to be on either 1 or 2, not on All. I just couldnít remember if it was 1 or 2. With the starting battery out it was easy to determine the setting, I hope I am right. For now it will be set on 2. I still donít understand all of the wiring on this boat and it has been four years. While the starting battery was out I turned off the charger and ran on the house bank for three days just to test how it would hold up without a charger. On Monday Cori picked up a new battery and I installed it on Tuesday. The engine started on the first push of the start button without having to press the combine button which combines the house bank with the starting battery, something that sometimes was necessary. I turned the charger on to bring both sets up to full charge and have not heard the combiner/isolator clicking since.

As you can tell, I have been busy on my vacation. Another week to go and then back to work.

This being the last post of 2008, Cori and I would like to wish everyone that reads this a Happy New Year.