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July 2010

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07/05/2010: "Back to the Solomons"

Monday July 5th:
We tried to get an early start since it is a long trip back down the bay. We had to stow the dinghy and outboard since we decided not to stow them Sunday evening. After our last trip to town it was rough with all the boat traffic and we felt it would be calmer in the morning. We were right, it was calm. It was so calm that it decided not to get rough all day. We motored all day without any wind except what we were creating. We met a lot of sailboats on the way down and nobody had bothered to put up a sail.

We are back to Solomons Island. There is really no place between Annapolis and Solomons for us to stop and it is an all day trip for us. We needed to get here because we had a breakdown on board and we need repair parts. I broke the head. I will say it again, I broke the head. The head is the bathroom or the toilet in the bathroom. Obviously I did not break the room so therefore the toilet has been broken. Not really broken, just nonfunctional. There is a West Marine here and they carry rebuild kits for the toilet. But, this location did not have any we discovered after we borrowed bikes and rode over there. They could get one in about four days not acceptable. Deltaville has one on hand but we were not planning on stopping there again. We need to come up with a better plan then we have now a bucket. Yes, we have a bucket and plan to use it until we can get a kit. I need to do some planning of our route back down the bay and maybe coordinate with either someone that has one or to get one delivered. We will let you know.