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July 2010

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07/16/2010: "Our Final Days"

Thursday July 8th:

We found out in the morning we had dodged a bullet. The previous day as we entered Norfolk there was some chatter on the radio that a part of the ICW was closed. As we prepared to get underway with the opening of the Great Bridge a northbound boat was advised that the ICW was closed between the locks and the Gilmerton Highway bridge. They were installing a power line and had the area closed to traffic for the day. We passed through the area after 5:00 the previous day and missed the problem but did see some workers on a tower. I planned on stopping for fuel and lunch in Coinjock but neglected to tell Cori of the time schedule. She assumed lunch was around noon, it was a bit later then that aand she was hungry. I had been telling her for a year how good the Prime Rib Dip sandwich was and as soon as we sat down we were informed they were out. We weren't disappointed when they managed to come up with two for us. After lunch and fueling up we continued down to where we planned to anchor for the night and settled in.

Friday July 9th:

We had another long day planned so we were up and off early again. The wind was picking up so as we got into the Albermarle we put up the sails and started across. The Albermarle has a reputation of being rough and as we continued across it was getting progressively rougher. We were able to sail around the marks into the Alligator River and all the way down to the Aligator/Pungo canal. Once in the canal it was a long motor ride. We had planned on making it through the canal and anchoring for the night at the first anchorage but we still had enough time to make it to Bellhaven. We debated getting a slip for the night or anchoring out and decided since we had no reason to go ashore we opted for the anchorage in Pungo Creek.

Saturday July 10th

Our last day, we were within 50 miles of home. Again we had favorable winds doing a beam reach down the Pungo River and into the Pamlico. Of course when we entered the Pamlico we had to turn into the wind and motor across. We continued down the ICW until we entered the Bay River and were able to sail again. At the Neuse Junction we turned upriver putting the wind on the nose again. Back to motoring. The rest of the day was uneventful until just before entering Clubfoot Creek when Bill and Helen came out on their skiff to greet us, and hand over a cold beer for Cori. All that was left was to pull into the dock and tie up and our trip was over.

Now to begin the repairs and putting everything back where it belongs.