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October 2005

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10/24/2005: "A weekend of projects"

It was a busy weekend for projects. We got a lot further along then I had expected. The weather was cool with a light breeze, better suited to projects then trying to sail.

This week we have been working on the headliner and were able to “almost” finish it. We finished installing the headliner in the salon and were able to install all but one piece of trim. That piece was shortened by the previous owner to install a light so we need to locate a longer piece to finish it off. The new lights are on order and I expect to see them delivered this week. I will be adding more information and pictures to the Projects page. We still need to replace the headliner in the V-berth and aft cabin but they will be easier to do then the salon.

Sunday we started out trying to seal some of the smaller leaks. There are several snaps that were evidently used by a different dodger then we have now. A dodger is the canvas and clear plastic hood over the companionway that helps you stay out of the wind and weather when sailing, sort of a windshield. Some of the screws they were mounted with were coming loose and allowing water to seep in. Also the mounts for the dodgers were loose and dripped when it rained. We took out the unused snaps and closed the hole with a screw and washer combination with a liberal amount of sealant. Were then proceeded to replace and seal the snaps that are used to attach the dodger. We also re-bedded the mounts for the dodger.

The next project was to finish the “eyebrow” replacement. There is more information and pictures in the Projects page. I have to admit that it turned out very nice and adds to the looks of the boat.

All in all it was a productive weekend.