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October 2005

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10/26/2005: "Wilma passes us by"

Unlike a lot of the east coast we were passed by with the effects of hurricane Wilma. We had forecasts of winds up to 60 mph and a lot of rain. It started raining early Monday morning and continued for the rest pf the day, dropping 1.5Ė2 inches of rain. The winds didnít start until late Monday night after the rain quit, but were nothing like what was forecast. Currently we have a southwest wind that is helping force the water out of the creek. This evening we felt and heard something unusual, checking the boat and lines it appears that we may be aground. The water level has dropped to the point we are stepping up to the dock. Fortunately the bottom is mud so there is no danger of damaging anything.

On the bright side, with all of the rain I could check for leaks. The work I have been doing is paying off, there was very little water leaking in. I still need to re-bed two of the portholes but I plan on doing them all. The previous owner replaced the portholes some years ago and at the time we purchased he suggested they be re-bedded. The drips we sealed over the weekend were dry so that was effective. Little by little we are sealing everything up.

Staying with the weather theme, it has defiantly turned to fall. The days are in the 60ís and nights in the 40ís. With all of the rain from Ophelia and Tammy the mosquitoes have been of biblical proportions. With the cooler temperatures they should drop off. We have been sleeping with the hatches open, but now have to close up in the evenings. The mosquitoes have reminded me that I need to redo the hatch screens.