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November 2005

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11/07/2005: "Sailing and Shark's Teeth"

Tony and Kris are still visiting, their plans are to continue south on Wednesday. We have had a few days of running around re-provisioning, seeing the sights and even got a day of sailing in. Sunday we battened everything down and took Hi Flite out for a sail. Winds of 10-20 knots gave us a great ride up the river and back with speeds of 6 to 7+ knots. Not exactly setting speed records but a real fun ride with one tack up and one tack down the river. What made me happy is that the TV/computer monitor stayed in place. I was concerned now that it is mounted on the wall that it might move or bounce around when we are underway.

Monday we went out for an “adventure”. We didn’t tell them where we were going or what we were going to do. We went to the fossil museum in Aurora NC. The largest phosphate mine in the world is located there and it is a source of many fossils, especially shark’s teeth. Along with their displays and multimedia presentations they have several piles of dirt from the mine where you can hunt for fossils. We found quite a few teeth ranging from very small to about an inch long. We had been there before but I have wanted to go back and look for more.

Our next plan is to sail out Tuesday and spend the night at an anchorage with Tony and Kris and see them off when they leave on Wednesday.