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November 2005

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11/28/2005: "After the Thanksgiving Holiday"

We hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. Being this far away from family we were not sure what to plan. Fortunately our new friends in the marina came through. We got together with the other live-aboard’s for a Thanksgiving feast. I barbequed a turkey and everyone brought more dishes of food than we could eat. On the negative side, we are still eating leftovers.

The weather has been nice again. All the reports from up north were a lot colder than we are experiencing. We had a short cold spell with lows in the 30’s at night. The electric heater was working overtime. We found that our reverse cycle air conditioner/heater was not working. The technician found that the reverse cycle switch was not working and we only have air conditioning. It presently is in the shop getting a new switch and being converted over to the newer Freon.

We used the long weekend for projects. Cori has the sailcover 90% finished. I have been working on re-bedding the porthole in the galley. It turns out that there is only a half inch of material between the inside frame and the outside frame. I am making a wood spacer to increase this. My first attempt looked good but it split in several places when I attempted to install it. Unfortunately I had caulk all over everything by the time I had it all taken apart again. I have a lot of clean up and have to start over with “plan B”. I should have it installed in the next couple of days.