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November 2005

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11/03/2005: "Company"

We have company. Our friends Kris and Tony have been on the water for five months working their way from Bayfield Wisconsin to Florida. Check our "Links" page for a link to their blog. They arrived on Tuesday and will be staying for about a week. Unfortunately, Cori is out of town on business and wonít join us until Saturday then she will take a couple of days off. While staying here they are anchored out in the creek and we are traversing back and forth with our dinghies. With the end of daylight savings time the sun sets even earlier. This means that when it is time to call it a night one of us has to dinghy back in the dark. That is not much of a problem, since the marina is well lit, but there is an additional bonus. There is phosphorescence in the wake and bow wave on the way home. Up to now I have only seen it when out in the open ocean. It looks like small sparks in the water. Way cool! It makes me want to go out in the dinghy at night now. I may have to break down and actually register the little boat so I donít get into trouble.