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December 2005

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12/21/2005: "Winter Solstice"

Well the downward spiral of days getting shorter has come to an end. It is finally winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. From here on out every day will be longer until before we know it spring and summer will be here. I have always found something optimistic about the solstice. Itís like it has gotten as bad as it will get and from here on it will get better. The weather, of course, doesnít cooperate with this idea. It just keeps getting colder and worse until the calendar says it is time to begin improving. Of course where you are seems to make a big difference. Daytime highs in the 40ís and 50ís are a far cry from what I left behind. But having felt temperatures in the 70ís just last week makes even that feel cold. I guess I wonít be satisfied until I am sipping a cool drink under an island palm tree watching Hi Flite swing at her anchor. Oh well, tomorrow will be another day and a longer one at that.