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June 2007

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06/12/2007: "Weekend of June 1, 2, 3rd"

Sorry about the delay. I have been having computer problems again.

We had company for the weekend. Coriís parents, brother, sister, and two nephews (5 and 6 years old) were here. The nephews also brought company for Ben. Sam and Ted, their bears, were along. Sam and Ted each sailed with us for a season on our 29 Ericson on Lake Superior before going to live with them. Saturday we took everyone out sailing for the afternoon. Our plan was to spend the night at anchor but the weather forecast didnít look very good. Tropical storm Barry was working its way up the coast and was scheduled to hit us late Saturday. We had a nice sail but it wasnít real exciting for the boys. They had decided they wanted to be pirates, so we got them outfitted as best we could with tattoos, bandanas and eye patches. Tropical storm Barry hit us Saturday night and it blew and rained hard. By Sunday morning it had passed and we had blue skies again. That didnít last very long and we had rain off and on the rest of the day as the remnants of the storm continued to move through. On Sunday we went to Beaufort and they got better eye patches and cutlasses. From they on we had to watch out we didnít get caught in the middle of a sword or a cutlass fight. We took them over to Atlantic Island to the fort and to see and wade in the ocean. Sunday evening everyone had to get back to their real lives and the boat was empty again.