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June 2007

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06/16/2007: "Friends leaving"

Last weekend was an occasion for a party. Unfortunately it was a going away party. Chuck and Barb, who live in their trawler at the end of the dock, are moving ashore. Due to age and declining health they are moving to Maine to be closer to family. This is the couple that celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary last July. They have had a very interesting life cruising on their sailboat and then their trawler. It has always been a joy to sit with them and listen to their stories. They will be missed.

The week has been busy. The kids are out of school and Wednesday was my (Dale’s) last day of work for the school year. Along with getting everything finished off at the school we are in the late stages of planning our vacation. We are planning on two weeks sailing and exploring Lower Chesapeake Bay.

We will let you know how it goes.

The other excitement this week was what happened to my Miata. As I mentioned several weeks ago I bought a 94 Miata on eBay and we drove it back from Minnesota. I have been enjoying driving it and have taken it to work a number of times. Tuesday was the one month anniversary of buying it. Since most of the teachers are done for the year there were not many cars in the lot. By mid afternoon there were three cars left. I was in my usual spot, in the middle of the lot with two others on the edges. As I was going back to my room a lady came down the hall and wanted to know if we knew who owned “that little white car”? It turned out that as she was leaving she backed into me. She put a good dent in the left front fender. It could have been worse. The estimate is for just under $1000.