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June 2010

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Home » Archives » June 2010 » Easy Day in Deltaville VA

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06/23/2010: "Easy Day in Deltaville VA"

Took it easy today and stayed put in the marina. The temps were forecast to reach 100 and tomorrow is going to be the same. It really only reach around 96, so they were off a little. We got up this morning and after coffee and donuts in the Captains Lounge it was time to get some work done. I scrubbed the deck and got all of the dirt and salt off while Cori jumped into the water and cleaned the boot stripe. Why anyone would build a boat with a six inch white line just above the water line is beyond me. It looks pretty, until it is in the water for a while and starts to get dirty and stuff grows on it. It looks much better now but every once in a while she has to get in and scrub it clean. Today was one of those days. Did I mention there are jellyfish in the water. Jellyfish sting, so I am told :o)

We borrowed the courtesy car and with another couple headed into town for lunch and to check things out. In one cutesy shop, I would never go into, we found a consignment room with a variety of boating stuff. I looked at an alternator, then when we got to West Marine I looked it up in their catalog. A Balmar high output alternator goes for over $600 new. We called the shop and the owner agreed on $150. Score a spare alternator in a fancy boutique. Who would have thought?

We spent the rest of the afternoon planning our nest two days of sailing. We are planning on sailing, if the winds cooperate, up the Bay and stopping in the Reedville area. We are planning on anchoring out so I don't expect to post an update but watch for the spot report.

For the evening Cori fixed one of the fish we caught, a nice Mahi-Mahi with pasta in a homemade pesto sauce. Ah, the trials of living on a boat.

While at West Marine Cori ran into one of their salesmen and got to talk shop for a while. Maybe we can write this off as a business trip?