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June 2010

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06/28/2010: "Naval Academy Day"

Monday June 28th:
I managed to run out of time in another museum today. We were up this morning with plans to go to the Naval Academy when it opened for visitors at 9:00. Since the forecast was for rain in the afternoon we have not taken the dinghy off the deck yet, planning on using it as rain shield with an open hatch under it, We called the water taxi to find out they do not start running until 9:30. The driver showed up a little early and we were dropped off on shore with the first stop at Starbucks. Cori has been going through caffeine withdrawal on this trip. We went to the Academy information center and joined the 10:00 guided tour. Very interesting. The Academy is a very impressive place. At the end of the hour and a half tour we had lunch and then headed to the Naval Museum. There are two floors, the first is the history of the Navy and the second is supposed to be one of the most impressive displays of ship models in the world. I say “supposed to be” since I never made it up there. After a wrong turn that took me from WWII to the space program I found the Korean War time-frame when they announced it was 5:00 and they were closing. Maybe I'll be back tomorrow.

After leaving the Academy we walked over to the State House. This is the oldest State Capital Building still in use. At one time it served as the Capital for the newly formed United States. Of course it was closed but the neighborhood is very old and interesting. Something I would like to be some day. :o) We stopped for ice cream and walked back to the harbor for our taxi ride out. The driver told up about the storm we missed. A lot of rain and wind in a short time. We had closed up the boat except for the open hatch under the dinghy which is raised up by a halyard to let air under it like a wind scoop. There was enough wind that it drove some rain in but just the floor got a little wet. This shows that we can learn from our mistakes. We spent the evening in the cockpit reading and enjoying the sunset and watching boat traffic.
That's it for today.