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June 2010

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06/30/2010: "More from Annapolis"

Tuesday June 29th:
Naval Museum part 2. We made another trip to the Naval Museum so I could finish the first floor and see the second floor. Second floor is the models. There is no way to describe them. They date from the 1600 and 1700's when they would make a model of a ship as it was being built and present it to someone of importance. Sort of old style lobbying for more ship building business. The Museum has one of the best collection and it shows the changes in ship design and building over several centuries. After that we went to an English Pub that one of the locals suggested and had a late lunch of fish and chips. This place used actual Atlantic Cod instead of the other fish varieties that I have seen in some other establishments. If you are going to eat fish and chips you need to be eating the real thing. After that we headed back to the boat and just took it easy the rest of the day. The weather has changed, the breeze is more from the north and it cooled into the upper 60's last night. I actually had to get up and add a blanket during the night.

Wednesday June 30:
This morning we had no plans, the weather was pleasant so we decided it was time to take care of a couple of projects. Cori had to log in to work for a while also. We had decided it was time to launch the dinghy. We brought it all this way, we might as well use it. I found that one person can raise it over the lifelines and into the water if they are methodical. Then it was time to mount the outboard. I had done this by myself once before and it worked as well this time also. I am still convinced one of these times I will drop it overboard, but I have a line attached to it so we should be able to recover it. Once the dinghy was ready I used it to replace the stern light that had burned out on the way here. Just a small thing but important. It was time to go ashore. We packed up shower stuff, empty water jugs and the laundry and motored in. One of the features of the dinghy dock is that ducks like to hang out there because people feed them and think it is cute that they climb on the dinghy's. They don't notice what they leave behind. Once everything was done we stopped at a deli that the Harbor Master suggested and then brought our stuff back to the boat and went for a dinghy ride. We traveled as far up Spa Creek as we could looking at boats then went around the point to Back Creek. I thought there were a lot of boats in Spa Creek, there are about three times as many in Back Creek. After the ride I was sitting in the cockpit reading when we noticed a 40 foot sailboat sailing through the mooring field. When we got back to the boat I had noticed some of the race boats going out for their Wednesday evening race. Well it seems that the harbor including the mooring field is just up from the finish line. We had over a hundred boats from 15' to 40' sailing and tacking through the moorings and harbor traffic. Cori took a lot of pictures. I couldn't believe no-one ran into anything or anybody.

I contacted Enterprise to rent a car tomorrow. I had hoped that there would be a train that we could take for the day but there is nothing unless we want to take a bus to Baltimore airport first. Tomorrow is a trip to DC. Last time we were there one of the museums I wanted to go to was closed. Cori checked the schedule and tomorrow is one of the days they will be open late. Maybe I will be done before closing this time.