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March 2007

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03/01/2007: "Another long overdue entry"

It’s been a long stretch since the last entry but life has been pretty much normal. The temps have been on the cool to cold side but it is starting to warm up again. We just get up in the morning, head off to work, try to relax in the evening, and then start over again.

This last weekend we took a break from the routine and headed out of town. Cori’s parents were up in Kitty Hawk for a few days. They were a couple of blocks from the Wright Brothers Memorial where the first flight took place. We headed out Friday after work to meet up with them and spend the weekend. Her brother, Steve, came down from Richmond for the day so she got to spend some time with family. There were a lot of phone calls with the rest of the family since it was her Dad’s birthday.

We had been up in the area once before and had already seen the lighthouses and the Wright Brothers Monument so it became something of a shopping trip for the ladies. It is early for the tourist so not everything was open but there was enough to keep us busy. Both morning started out at “Bob’s Café,” the food is good and you get a lot of it. The part that makes it special is their theme – “eat and get the hell out!” The place is so popular that even in the off season people are waiting for a table, thus the theme.

I am going to add some of the pictures to the gallery pages as soon as I get a chance.