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March 2007

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03/23/2007: "Update on our haul-out"

Sunday we brought the boat to the work yard and got hauled out first thing Monday morning. I havenít seen the bottom since she was hauled out for her survey when we were buying her. Overall I was pleased with the condition, after 2+ years there was very little growth and the paint was in fairly good condition with some exceptions. Of course we have had a diver check things out and do some cleaning from time to time but nothing on a regular basis.

The cutlass bearing was replaced since there was a little to much play in it. The bottom looks real good with new paint. She has a first coat of blue and a second coat of red so you can tell where the paint is wearing thin. There was almost no blue showing so it was just a matter of adding coats of red after some initial prep work.

I have been having problems for a while with the depth transducer, at least all of the troubleshooting points to the transducer, and thought about replacing while we were out. Unfortunately I let it slip my mind until it was too late and I canít get one shipped in time to install before it is time to get back into the water. We are, however, looking at replacing the electronics so it may well be a project for another time. The problem with the depth sensor is that it doesnít seem to work in shallow water. Once we are out of the creek and into the river it works just fine. As we come back to our slip or look for a spot to anchor it stops working. Unfortunately those are the times that we need it the most. So far it is an inconvenience but eventually I will get myself into trouble.

One would think that I would have planned this haul out better but when I called to make a reservation I was thinking a month or more away but I couldnít turn down an offer to get in right away. Around the time I was thinking about is when they are busy with the race boats and it would have been an even longer wait to get the work done.

In the end it will all work out. As it is, they will be dropping her back into the water today and we will be home on Saturday.