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March 2007

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03/18/2007: "A short March sail"

We got out for a sail today because it is time to take Hi Flite to the yard for a haul-out. We got out into the river and pulled out the headsail and made 3 6 knots downriver to Adams Creek. Adams Creek is the entry to the Intracoastal Waterway. At the entry to the creek we pulled in the sail and fired up the engine to work our way down the Waterway to Bocks Marine, who will do the haul-out. Docking was a treat with the outgoing tide creating a current trying to push us away from the dock. We tied up and will spend the night at the dock and will be hauled in the morning. We have scheduled the bottom to be cleaned and repainted and possibly have the cutlass bearing replaced. We will add to the list when she is out of the water, I want to get the hull cleaned and polished if I can make the time. We will keep you posted as best I can since we won't have internet access while on the hard.