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March 2007

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03/11/2007: "A busy weekend"

We started our spring projects this weekend. We started by scheduling a haul out on the 19th to have the bottom cleaned and painted. We will decide what else needs to be done once we see her out of the water, something we havenít seen since the survey when we bought her. More on that later.

This weekend we dropped the headsail and checked the stitching for areas needing repairs. On Christmas Day, while we were in Minnesota, a storm caught and unfurled the headsail and let it flap violently in the wind. Thanks to our neighbor and the marina owner it was rolled back in before any serious damage was done, but a lot of the stitching on the UV-cover was broken. This stitching has a life expectation of about five years and it has been that long since the sail was serviced, so it is not unexpected that it broke down. There were a lot of areas that needed to be re-stitched but they were isolated to the UV-cover, and the sail is still in good shape. Sunday was spent repairing the sail and we had it back on and ready to use by the end of the day.

The rest of the weekend was spent getting ready for a birthday party for Maril and a retirement party for Vic, our neighbor. Friday was Vicís last day at work he is now officially retired. He has been spending the last few years getting his boat ready for extended cruising and is almost done and is ready to take off. We wish we were ready to go with him.